The Panel of the Bo 105

First Row: 2.airspeed indicator, 2.artificial horizon, 2.altimeter, warning lights - bar,1.airspeed indicator,
1. artificial horizon, 1.altimeter
Second Row: 2. VOR (VHF- omni directional radio range), radar-altimeter, clock, 1. VOR, directional gyro,
variometer (shows climbing and descending)
Third Row: Transponder, DME (distance measuring equipment), below that the manual activating of the emergency transmitter, right beside the mast-moment-indication (shows the torsion of the main rotor head), Torquemeter (shows the torques of the engines), triple RPM- indicater (N2-RPM of both engines and main rotor RPM), satellite-navigation (GPS)
Lower area: triple- oiltemperature of both engines and main rotor gear, below that triple- oilpressure,
center and right: turbine- temperature (TOT) for left and right engine
below that: N1- RPM for left and right engine
lowest row:: fuel quantity indicator for maintank and supplytank, fuel pressure indicator for left and right engine

By the way: in opposite to airplanes in most helicopters the pilot is sitting on the right seat. That is why the first instruments are on the right side and the second on the left!